• Period: From Sunday, Feb 11, 2018 to Sunday, Feb 18, 2018
    • Venue: Shizuoka City Culture Hall
    • Sponsor: Executive Committee of Tokugawa Memorial GO Congress in Shizuoka, etc.

    Introduction to Tokugawa Memorial GO Congress in Shizuoka

    Commensing the first congress from Feb 11 through Feb 18, 2018, the event is scheduled to be held every February. The venue is Shizuoka City Culture Hall (2090 Sunpu-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City).

    Why GO?

    GO is one of a very few Japanese cultural game which rules and terms in Japan are set as the global standard. The world was astonished by the news last year when Alpha Go, the AI has defeated Lee Sedol, one of the strongest GO player in South Korea by 3 wins and 1 defeat. The name Alpha Go was named after the Japanese GO. GO is called WEIQI in China and BADUK in Korean.

    Dan and Kyu, which classifies one’s GO level are described as DAN (“D” in short) and KYU (“K” in short), and byoyomi the count down is also stated in English as it is.

    Many other GO terms such as KOMI, SICHO, KOU, etc. which are originated in Japanese are also used as the common terms. We hope to cherish the culture to continue.

    Although GO was first introduced to Japan from China and Korea, it became prevalent very much in Japan. Until the end of the last century, Japan was the leading country of GO in the world.

    It was in 1982 when International GO Federation was led by Nihon Ki-in and launched. Initially it started with 28 member nations which is 76 today.

    GO is a friendly game for all players at all age regardless of one’s race and gender. We hope you to interact with a variety of people through GO.

    Why Commemorating Tokugawa?

    Ieyasu Tokugawa has contributed to end the Age of Civil Wars which had lasted over a century, and founded the base of the peaceful age of Tokugawa (Edo Era) for such a long period of 265 years without parallel in the world. The age of Tokugawa was the time when Kabuki, Ukiyoe, Sumo and varieties of cultures and sports bloomed. It was during the same time when GO and Shogi has progressed dramatically, too.

    Professional GO and Shogi players were born first in the world since Ieyasu granted appanage to 8 persons (families) to continue throughout the age of Tokugawa. In the Go world, those 4 families of Honinbo, Yasui, Hayashi, and Inoue had kept the friendly competitions and contributed to the GO evolution.

    Celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2004, Nihon Ki-in has established the hall of fame for GO and 20 players have been elected up until 2017, and 8 of which are from Edo Era.

    The first person elected to the GO hall of fame was Ieyasu, who has achieved a major contribution to develop/promote the modern history of GO which protected GO players and build the base of Oshiro GO. Commemorating the Tokugawa Age, which has overwhelmingly led the GO world, the congress was named as “Tokugawa Memorial”.

    Why Shizuoka?

    After passed the position of Seii Taishogun (the Generalissimo for the Subjugation of Barbarians to his son, Hidetada, Ieyasu has relocated to Sunpu (Shizuoka) after 1607 as a retired Shogun. He then granted appanage to GO players in 1612. It has triggered the development of GO in the modern history. Considering the occasion which as spread GO to the world, Shizuoka could be the holy ground of GO.

    Located right in the middle of Tokyo and Nagoya, Shizuoka is a very convenient spot which is only 1 hour away by the bullet train. It is known for being blessed by the warm climate and the land of health and longevity, which is said to be thanks to its tea.

    In order to promote the tea, we are planning to hold a “Grand Tea Party” for you to enjoy the tea during the event period.

    Why “Global GO Congress”?

    Some of you may find yourself as a GO player whose ability is far from joining such a huge global event. No worries, this is a *festival”. Any of you who are fresh learners or about to start are welcome!

    In order to entertain those who are staying for 2 nights, we will hold a commendation in both stages 1 and 2. Stage 1 is Day 1-3, and Stage 2 as Day 5-7.

    Why February?

    Winter is the best time of the year in Shizuoka. We have many sunny days especially in the month of February when you can enjoy beautiful Mt. Fuji almost every day. It could probably be the warmest place in Mainland Japan and it rarely snows.

    We have good fish to taste, too.

    Perhaps Ieyasu chose to spend his later years because he loved the winter in Shizuoka.

    Why 2018?

    Tokyo Olympic Games will be held in 2020. We would like to hold the GO festival in 2018 and 2019, then in our third year, the Olympic Year, we plan to hold an Olympic Games of mind sports including GO here in Shizuoka.

    Back in 2008 when the Olympic Game was held in Beijing, the mind sports competition was held to compete 5 types of games: GO, Contract Bridge, Chess, Checker, and Chinese Chess. Since then, when an Olympic year comes around, people talk about holding a mind sports competition. By accumulating our experience in GO in 2018 and 2019, we would like to be prepared for 2020.