JPY 300,000 grand prize award for Masters Tournament, and JPY 1 million grand prize award for Main Tournament, and other gorgeous extra prizes

Prize award sponsor: Nihon Ki-in Shizuoka Branch, Goseki Ranka
Grand Prize Cup sponsor:Fiji Dream Airlines s

Main Games (FDA CUP)

10:00 - 12:00 (13:00 - 15:00 for the 11th)
Japanese rules will be applied, all games are tagai-sen (no handicap), komi is 6.5 points, and time control is 60 minutes with sudden death
1 game will be played per day for a total of 6 days, with the middle day of February 14th being an off day. The Swiss system will be applied.

1. Masters' Games

Professional players are allowed to participate
Classified into 5 classes, each class Winner: 300,000 yen, 2nd Place: 150,000 yen, 3rd Place: 100,000 yen, 4th Place: 50,000 yen, 5th Place: 30,000 yen, 6th - 8th Place: 10,000 yen
There will also be extravagant supplementary prizes

2. Games for Each Kyu and Dan Rank

Winner: 30,000 yen, 2nd Place: 10,000 yen, 3rd Place: 5,000 yen
There will also be extravagant supplementary prizes

Special Games

*In order to participate in the special match, participation in the main match is required. It is not possible to participate in only the special match.

*Official application is required during registration on that day

1. Group Games: February 12th (Monday) and 13th (Tuesday) 13:00 - 17:00

Team Games: Form teams with people from other countries!
Please enter as an individual. We will form international teams of 5 at our office. As you will be engaged in games for 2 days, you will have the opportunity to make great friends with your teammates and take part in cultural exchange. Go is called a "method," and even if you face a language barrier you will be able to analyze your matches afterwards.

Female Tournament: February 15th (Thursday) 13:00 - 18:00

Ranks are divided based on skill, all games are tagai-sen (no handicap), and 3 games will be played
Time control is 40 minutes with sudden death
Top finishers will win extravagant prizes

3. Pair Go: February 16th (Friday) and 17th (Saturday)

Handicapped matches with pair scoring. 45 minutes of time control with sudden death.
2 games will be played on the first day, with only pairs that won both games advancing to the next day
2 games will be played on the second day, with pairs that won both games receiving extravagant prizes
Special Awards: TAKECHIYO Award (youngest pair), OGOSHO Award (oldest pair), HAGOROMO Award (best dressed pair)

4. Relay Go Demonstration: February 16th (Friday) 18:00 - 20:00

A Chinese A League style relay go game played by teams of 4 - 6 players
Each team is formed of 1 coach and at least 3 players. The first phase is from move 1 to move 60, the second phase is from move 61 to move 141, and the final phase is from move 142 to the end. Substitutions are allowed between phases and a 3 minute time out is permitted for each phase, for a total of 3 time outs.
Only 1 game will be played, professionals players are allowed to participate as coaches, and winning teams will win prizes.

5. TAKECHIYO Commemorative Cup Children's tournament: February 18th (Sunday) 9:30 - 14:30

Participants must be in middle school or below
For ranks 4 dan and above, games are tagai-sen (no handicap) and the Swiss system is applied. 30 minutes of time control with sudden death.
Top finishers will win a shield and prizes.
Kyu and dan classes will be divided based on skill, and handicaps will be applied. Nihon Ki-in (Japanese Go Association) kyu and dan rank association certificates will be awarded.

Minor Events

1. 100 Board Challenge

100 Faceoffs: Compete in a fun setting completely different from your usual routine!
10 pro Go players and 10 amateur champions lead under rotation. Feel free to join whether you are a beginner or a ranked player! Handicaps are open.

2. Professional Player Instruction

Guided Go with Pro Players: A Rare Chance to Receive Instruction from a Pro!
Around 5-6 games played 3 times daily. Reservations are accepted on the same day (beginning 1 hour in advance). Handicaps are open.

3. Beginner's Lessons

Introductory Classroom: Go is fun! Beginners welcome!
Whether you're someone who wants to learn to play or simply has an interest, anyone is encouraged to join. The event will be held over 6 days, so all participants will learn to play. Participation is free, and comes with a commemorative gift. We would love for you to come along with your children or your grandchildren.

4. English Lessons for Go Terms

English Lectures: Enjoy learning about Go terminology in English or Chinese!
(English) Taught by Nihon Ki-in 9-dan, Michael Redmond (Chinese) Taught by Chinese Weiqi Association 2-dan, MEIEN

5. Large Tea Ceremony

6. Free Games

Open Games: Play with Go lovers from all over the world!
For the duration of the event, players may take their game card and freely compete with anyone; there are foreign players to meet as well. Participants who play more than 3 games will receive a commemorative gift.Prizes for people who play 15 or more games. We have participation prizes available to all players, including "Most Plays," "Most Wins," and "Most Losses." Enjoy games played on traditional Japanese ashitsuki Go tables. We have 30 types of Go stone containers, including cherry, quince, elm, and zelkova. You can play at your leisure in Japanese-style rooms. There are two game halls, with 30 tables at the Japanese room in the Citizen Cultural Center, and 20 tables at a tearoom in Sunpujo Park nearby.

7. Public Games Between the Masters' Games Champion and Professional Players

8. Go Lecture, February 13 (Tue)15:00~16:30

Unlocking the secret to the strength of AI Go program AlphaGo ~ Having surpassed Go, where next for artificial intelligence?
Associate Professor Yoshinobu Kano, Shizuoka University

9. Japanese Culture Event

10.Exhibition of Go ukiyoe prints

February 6 - April 1 at Shizuoka City Tokaido Hiroshige Museum of Art

11, contract bridge events

"Contract Bridge" - one of the most intellectual card game in the world. There are millions of enthusiasts around the world.

During Tokugawa Memorial World Go Festival, Shizuoka Contract Bridge Club will have a contract bridge event.

During Go Festival (Feb. 11 to Feb. 18, 2018 ), we will have free matches of Go, Rubber style bridge game, duplicate one session pairs tournament, all for free charge, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The venue is Shizuoka Bridge Club, located in the 4th floor of Es-patio Shizuoka , three minute walk from the Shizuoka station.

On Feb 14th, we will have "Tokugawa Memorial Sectional" , 2 sessions one day pairs tournament, 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The entry fee is 2,000 yen per person. If you register by the previous day, you can join this tournament without partner.